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The set of patented inventions establishes a large collection of technical information.

The patents are ordered by technical and functional criteria, from the general to the particular, by patents classifications. The most popular is the International Patent Classification IPC. Every patent is classified with one ore more classification code.

Patent databases allow combinations of several parameters in the search fields: title, abstract, inventor,nº patent, classification date, etc.

"..." Quotation marks are used for names composed of more than one word (e.g. "hydrogen engine", "Coca Cola").

Alphanumeric truncated code: * Represents one, several or no characters (e.g. magnet* = magnet , magnets, magneto, magnetic, magnetical, magnetically); ? Represents one or no character (e.g. magnet? = magnet, magnets, magneto).

Logical operators are used between keywords in the fields: AND both words (e.g. solar AND panel = solar panel ); OR one or both words; NOR one, but not both; NOT not one word (e.g. solar NOT panel = "solar" is in the text but not "panel").

Keywords in English access to a larger number of patents. When a patent that is similar to the searched idea is found in the result list, its classification code can be used to refine the search by entering it in the IPC field.


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The World Intellectual Property Organization operates under the global cooperation treaty, the PCT patent admit to choose one or more countries where protect the invention.

Settings to show results list:

Options --> Show options --> Result --> (in Displayed field) check Image and Save



GooglePatent contains patents and utility models in the EEUU.




Espacenet is the basis of the European Patents Office, contains documents from around the world, some of them have only a summary and references. The first two letters of the patent number relate the origin country, the complete document is publicated in its database.








The Japanese office provides translation into English.

To access the patents is necessary refine the search to less than 1000 results.