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Patents grant royalties by publishing the description of the invention in the patents data bases. These inventions are industrial solutions (products, processes and uses), or improvements and refinements of them.

Defensive right: The patent grants the right to exclude others from making, using or trade the invention for 20 years, after this time the object of the invention can be freely traded. The Utilities Models are less inventive inventions, the duration of protection is 10 years from the filing of the application.

The patent may be national or international. The first year of national patents have international priority, which implies that protection can be extended to other countries. If during this period the protection is not extended the trading of the invention is  allowed in states where it has not been protected. Inventions that were protected beyond the borders can be marketed within the borders.

Prior to international treaties the international protection of inventions required a patent for each country. Currently, international patents simplify protection in several countries using a single patent. European Patent and World Patent are examples of international patents.

The European Patent of the European Patent Office has coverage up to 36 states. Patent applications may be submitted in German, French and English. The World Patent of the World Intellectual Property Organization has coverage to 142 states. Possible submit an application in German, Chinese, Spanish, French, English, Japanese and Russian.